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Personalized Direct Mail Advertising

Variable Data in Direct Mail Advertising

This sounds like a very technical term, but the definition is simple: greater return on investment and increased sales for you!

Statistical analysis has proved that a personalized message delivered on target, and in color, can offer an increase of five to fifteen times the response rate of non-personalized mail.

Here at All Ways Graphics we create a dynamic visual image that is personalized for every one of your potential customers. I’m not talking about a simple letter starting “Hi, John Smith. Let me interest you in...” At All Ways Graphics we have the technology and skills to integrate your prospect’s name seamlessly into powerful color graphics. This has the effect of making it seem that we have designed a printed piece just for them. In essence that just what we have done, only we’re doing it at almost 10,000 times an hour.

It’s likely you’ve seen our “Hit A Home Run” promotion, which presents each potential customer with an image of a self autographed “Baseball Bat” when they turn over their postcard, and that’s a major accomplishment in itself, the customer saw further personalized graphics with their name on a baseball and a personalized clipboard featuring their very own personalized “Game Plan” for direct mail advertising.

Let me take this opportunity to offer you your own winning game plan…

Winning Strategy:
• Mail only to the prospects that look like best customers.
• Reach out with dynamic graphics.
• Use a personalized message.

Winning Results:
• Smaller mailing list saves money.
• Costs are lower than TV or Radio.
• The right message gets to the right people.
• Lower cost per response.
• Proven higher return of investment.

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